Study in Australia

Want to study in Australia? Not sure where to start? At Immigro, our consultants are here to help! We understand the importance of a positive and stress-less experience, so be assured that we are here to guide you through the enrolment and application process. Our education consultants can help you find courses that suit your skills, education and experience. Contact us to start the process today!

Study - VET Training

Vocational education

Whether you’re looking to get work skills, or to take your first step in a university education, an Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification could be a good option for you.

A VET course will broaden your skills in a specialised area that teaches you the practical experience you'll need for the workplace, focusing on literacy and numeracy education, semi-professional training and practical skills development. This means you’re job-ready once your course is completed, with the hands-on work placement experience that employers look for. Courses start at six months in duration - fees and times can vary widely depending on the course, institution and location chosen.

Some examples of career avenues you can pursue with a VET qualification: automotive, hospitality, business management. Feel free to enquire if you'd like to know more.

University Education

Australia has a strong, proven track record in delivering excellence in tertiary education. Across all global ranking systems, criteria and fields of study, Australia ranks highly for quality of education, student satisfaction, and global reputation, making it a highly desirable destination for prospective international students.

Higher education courses can be taken to earn an advanced degree which can be used to qualify for a professional career, or to pursue further education. At Australian universities, you can study to achieve a Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral Degree in the field of your choice. Australian degrees are also internationally recognised.

Australian institutions offer a wide range of courses – from Science to Management & Commerce, Humanities to Engineering, and Law to Health Sciences. Australian institutions rank among the world’s best by discipline, particularly in Engineering & Technology, Medicine, Environmental Science, and Accounting & Finance.

Study - University
Study - Learning English

English Education

Studying English in Australia is about much more than learning basic reading, writing and speaking skills - our teaching approach focuses on critical thinking, as well as group and project work. English education is drawn from real-life experiences, which means you will not only be learning the language, you will be learning how to use it in everyday life!

Australia offers a variety of English courses to suit a range of study needs. English courses are generally up to 20 hours a week, cost $300-$400 a week, and you are free to choose the duration of the course based on your study needs.

Applying for a student visa

If you are looking to apply for a full-tier course of study in a recognised higher education institution within Australia, the Student visa (subclass 500) is the visa for you. This is a temporary visa and the duration will depend on the course you have chosen. To apply for this visa, you must:

  • be enrolled in a course of study in Australia
  • meet applicable English language requirements
  • have health cover/insurance for the duration of your stay
  • meet health and character requirements.